NGK Knowledge

Interactive Training Environment

Knowledge. Expertise. Learning. All are central to the NGK digital presence. As part of EQtwo, we revolutionised NGK online training with graphical learning resources and interactive quiz. The platform was designed to increase awareness of a new product line and improve sales effectiveness.

The initial trial involved a partnership with a single customer. Over 100 employees took part across 18 branches with an overall training pass rate of 94%. This far exceeded the customer’s expectations.

NGK Knowledge was under redevelopment in 2016-17 for use with a wider audience.

NGK Knowledge Homepage

Bold, engaging, easy to digest learning material followed by a quick multiple choice test. If passed, user receives a certificate.

NGK Knowledge Learning

NGK Knowledge Quiz

Restricted access via user logins. User records stored in a database, tied to a customer id and branch id.

NGK Knowledge Login

Reporting section allows customers to review staff performance.

NGK Knowledge Reporting