Phantoms from another world!

This project (started in 2013) was an exercise in database management and delivering specific results based on geolocation. It uses a HTML5 web interface with a custom PHP backend.

The Concept

All around us, invisible to our human eyes, are otherworldly creatures called Wisps. With the right equipment it may even be possible to detect and even capture these fantastical monsters…

The idea is that a user would enter their current location and be shown a list of “Wisps” native to that environment. Each Wisp would have a set of RPG-style characteristics based on whatever “species” they belong to.

The user can “catch” one of the discovered Wisps and add it to their collection.

I worked on developing specific areas of this concept, drawing from a basic database of randomly generated monster classes. The more significant, functional parts of the project are listed below.

Wisp Hunter

The monster finder takes a pair of coordinates (or uses your current location) to identify “biomes” pertinent to your real life region. It then delivers a list of Wisps that belong to this region.

Wisp Hunter Screenshot


A database management interface that allows me to update the characteristics of Wisp species. Changed fields are highlighted after submission.

Wisp Bestiary Screenshot

The requirement to create Wisp biomes that mirrored the real world led to the creation of the Gridmaker javascript plugin. Read more about it here.