I am a Digital Specialist, full stack web developer and a web designer with eleven years experience in online marketing. I currently work as Head of Digital at EQtwo.

Even more about me…

In 2004, I started working as a copywriter for 1000heads, a social media marketing company. I led the implementation of an internal communication service (a cross between an intranet and Twitter). I was later promoted to Head to Insights with responsibility for managing a team of data analysts and overseeing the development and operation of the company’s web crawler system.

In 2009 I joined EQtwo as Head of Digital. EQtwo is a small multi-discipline agency with a traditional emphasis on print and branding. Before I joined the majority of the work (and income) was through offline channels. Approximately 70% of work is now online.

I took over design and development of the majority of digital projects (project managing those that remained external). As a company, we have built, populated and managed dozens of websites, predominantly built on Wordpress, as well as a number of web services and mobile apps.

This has involved online communities, blogs, interactive quizzes and learning resources, secure content archives, customisable templates, complex multi-faceted CMSes, as well as bog-standard corporate websites.

I’ve also led internal technological changes, transitioning the small company from an expensive backup and email solution to a far more cost-effective and efficient use of Google Apps and Backblaze.

I am a designer / developer with five years experience in PHP, HTML, CSS and JS. I have some experience with Python, Swift, Objective-C and Rust (mainly through personal projects). I use Wordpress extensively, but also have knowledge of Laravel, Ember, Angular, Slim, Lumen and Node.

I spend most of my days building web-based things in HTML, CSS, JS and PHP using the Wordpress framework. I’ve built and deployed mobile apps in Objective-C and have been learning Swift. In my spare time, I also work with Node (React-Native and Electron), and Python. More recently, I’ve begun experimenting with Rust.

Really, I just like to code. Coding allows me to create cool looking sites with cool functionality that can be used for cool purposes. Coding helps me efficiently do things that would otherwise take hours. Coding lets me explore geeky data in geeky ways.

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